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Yemen: Youth protesters abducted and tortured, according to rights group

last updated Nov 02, 2011

A human rights group in Yemen has claimed that security forces abducted over 200 peaceful youth protesters during a demonstration two weeks ago. Many of them are tortured in prisons, according to HOOD, Yemen’s most prominent human rights organisation.

One of the arrested people was allegedly shot in the head and receives medical treatment in custody. The media restrictions in Yemen impede foreign journalists from entering the country and verifying the allegations. According to HOOD, abductions take place during almost every march.

The government has confirmed the arrest of several protesters but emphasised that they were attacking security forces. "Not all the marchers are peaceful. We deny that any kidnappings took place by the government, but those who cause chaos must be arrested in favor of public safety," a senior Interior Ministry official said.

CNN News: Rights group: Hundreds of protesters abducted, tortured in Yemen

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