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Tibet: Worsened human rights situation in the country

last updated Jan 23, 2012

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) in its Annual Report of 2011 has stated that the human rights situation has worsened in Tibet last year.

TCHRD explains that Tibetans have felt increasingly oppressed and controlled by the Chinese government since the 2008 unrest. The report notes with particular concern the series of self-immolations that occurred in the whole country. “The self-immolations are symptomatic of the greater plight that Tibetans find themselves in throughout the Tibetan plateau” says the report. It notes that it is a form of public protest against Beijing’s policies, further stating that the Chinese government denies any kind of responsibility for these acts.

The report also expresses concern over acts of torture on detainees and political prisoners, enforced disappearances, and other violations of civil and political rights of the Tibetan people.

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