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Syria: UNHCHR reports on systematic use of torture and other human rights violations

last updated Feb 17, 2012

On Monday 13 February, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillay updated the General Assembly about the human rights situation in Syria of systematic use of torture, arbitrary detention and violence against children.

According to Pillay there are serious human rights violations committed by Syrian forces such as torture used in detention facilities as well as sexual violence including rape. More than 18.000 people are held in arbitrarily detention including children.

Ms. Pillay is especially concerned about the situation of children, and reports of 400 having been killed by beating, shelling and sniper fire. There are also held in overcrowded cells together with adults without a sufficient supply of water or food.

In conclusion, Ms Pillay called upon the international community to act now to protect the Syrian population from crimes against humanity.

As a follow-up to these allegations, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution “strongly condemning continued widespread and systematic human rights violations by the Syrian authorities”, this Thursday, 16 February.

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