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EU: Amnesty urges member states again to investigate involvement in CIA extraordinary rendition flights

last updated Mar 27, 2012

On Tuesday 27 March 2012, Julia Hall, Amnesty International’s (AI) counterterrorism and human rights expert, said in a hearing of the civil liberties, justice and home affairs Committee of European Parliament that “the decided lack of will of particular EU countries to pursue allegations highlights the absence of accountability of national governments”.

Hall was referring to the so-called extraordinary rendition programme of the CIA, which was discontinued in 2009. The programme included the illegal detention of suspected terrorists in secret detention facilities on EU territory as well as the indulgence of shuttle flights to Guantanamo Bay or to other secret detention facilities over the European territory. The hearing was a follow-up to EU Parliament Resolutions of 2007 and 2009, which urge member states “to take action and prevent further human rights violations that occurred in the context of the US rendition and secret detention programmes” (The Parliament). As since then not much has happened to investigate the involvement of EU countries, Ms. Hall said “The EU will continue to struggle to regain its footing in human rights if it does not thoroughly investigate allegations of member state violations.”

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