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Uruguay: AoT organised conference on the prevention of torture

last updated Jun 04, 2012

Uruguay News
From left to right: Mr. Joerg Stippel and Mr. Moritz Birk, Atlas of Torture project experts, Mr. Santiago Canton, Secretary General Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

On 22-23 May the Atlas of Torture team organised, together with its focal point SERPAJ, a two-day expert conference in Montevideo, on the prevention of torture in Uruguay, following up the recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. The conference was attended by high level representatives from the State, civil society and the international community with the objective to raise awareness of the problem of torture and ill-treatment in the country and to identify a torture prevention strategy for the future. The conference was inaugurated among others by the Minister of Interior, Mr. Eduardo Bonomi. Key-note speeches were held by Mr. Santiago Cantón, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and Mr. Francisco Geisse, Regional Public Defender from Chile. The AoT experts, Moritz Birk and Jörg Stippel presented their assessment report based on their first visit in March (see below). Subsequently, the participants discussed in five thematic working groups the main issues in the field of torture prevention, and identified the problems and possible solutions. The results and recommendations of each working group were afterwards presented and discussed with the rest of the participants. After the conference the AoT team developed, together with its partners from SERPAJ, a project working plan in order to address some of the identified needs.

Agenda (Spanish)

Assessment Report: Uruguay

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Interview of the Atlas of Torture Team, 25 May 2012, Montevideo, Uruguay:

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