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Germany: Study states that one prisoner in four is victim of violence

last updated Aug 16, 2012

On August, 16. 2012, the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony released a study on the experiences of victimisation in law enforcement agencies which states that violence among persons under detention or imprisoned is a serious problem. In order to identify the number of unreported cases, the institute asked 6.384 detainees about experienced violence in the last four weeks, including men, women and youth. Even though the questioned have experienced mostly indirect aggression and verbal confrontation (50, 4 % of all men), violent confrontations with serious injuries and sexual abuse were mostly reported by young people (49% youth, ~25,6% men and woman). Because most of the attacks took place in dark corners of detention rooms, hall stairs and showers, the institute recommends single accommodations, constructional changes of the shower rooms and strengthening of the supervisory staff. Additionally, prison staff needs to be trained because almost all of the questioned suffered psychological problems after the experience of physical violence and less than 50% made a report.