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USA: Disciplinary process against architect of “enhanced interrogation techniques”

last updated Jan 18, 2011

Psychologist James Mitchell will have to explain himself at a hearing of the Texas State Board of Psychologists over his involvement in the creation of the so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” during the Bush administration. “Enhanced interrogations techniques” include among others the drowning technique waterboarding which was used by the CIA on terror suspects in black prison sites.

The Texas State Board of Psychologists accuses Mitchell of violating the profession’s rules of practice. Despite the creation of “enhanced interrogation techniques” for the CIA, Mitchell also trained American soldiers to survive as prisoners of war. The hearing was approved due to sufficient indication of probable cause and the fact that the disciplinary process has not been brought against an exempt agency. The board will decide after the hearing to dismiss the complaint or to recommend disciplinary action such as the revocation of his license.

The Texas Tribune: Complaint Against Terror War Psychologist Proceeding