Dr. Martin Hintersteiner, Prof. Dr. Christian Becker   



BEGINN DER VORLESUNG, 13.11., 9-12 Uhr, Seminarraum 4


Die Vorlesung wird in zwei Blöcken angeboten:



1. Block:

Seminarraum 4: 13.11., 14.11., 15.11., 16.11. und 17.11, jeweils von 9-12.


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Seminarraum 4: 15.1. und 16.1., jeweils 9-12 Uhr, 17.1., 11-13 Uhr

Eventuell zusätzlicher Termin (nach Bedarf) am 18.1., 9-12 Uhr, Seminarraum 4





Inhalt der Vorlesung: Drug discovery is highly interdisciplinary drawing from Chemistry, Biology and Biophysics. We look at: 1. Drug Discovery: Drug discovery in industry & in academia ; What are the process steps in Drug discovery and Development; Classes of Drug targets; High-throughput screening and other methods to identify starting points; Assay types and characterization, Fluorenscence - essential tool in drug discovery; Chemistry and properties of fluorescent dyes; 2. Druglikeness: What drugs look like and how they act; Hit - lead - drug properties and predictions; 3. Drug development strategies: Drug classes and their development hurdles; Approaches for optimization of drug properties; Medicinal chemistry at work - examples; Thermodynamics of ligand-receptor interactions; In-vitro profiling and non-linear curve fitting; 4. Drug delivery & in-vivo profiling: Strategies for drug delivery; Preclinical in-vivo characterization of drug candidates, ADME; Clinical development; 5. Scale-up for industrial production: Process design, scale-up, methodologies; 6. Regulatory aspects and Quality systems in the pharmaceutical & food industry: Registration process, FDA & EMA, Principles of quality systems, GMP, GLP in the working environment.



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