Observing Programme

Proposals for BRITE-Constellation observations can be submitted at any time to the BRITE-Constellation Chair or to the Email address given in the Proposals document:
Download Call for Proposals document (pdf)

Details about the BRITE Constellation observing plan, including target star lists, are posted and updated on the BRITE Photometry Wiki page.

Rules on data handling and publication are described in the BRITE Bylaws (NEW: Dec 13, 2017). Every BRITE PI is obliged to follow these rules. A document describing the BRITE-Constellation Bylaws can be retrieved here. (NEW: Dec 13, 2017)

Publications based on BRITE-Constellation data must include the following footnote to the title: “Based on data collected by the BRITE Constellation satellite mission, designed, built, launched, operated and supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the University of Vienna, the Technical University of Graz, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), the Foundation for Polish Science & Technology (FNiTP MNiSW), and National Science Centre (NCN).