BRITE-Constellation Executive Science Team (BEST)

BRITE-Constellation Executive Science Team (BEST): 

The BRITE Executive Science Team, abbreviated BEST, acts as the steering committee for the mission. It has the authority to make all relevant decisions for the project, such as producing the observing schedule and granting access to the data.

BEST currently consists of 12 voting members (4 per country), and in addition 9 non-voting members.

Current BRITE-Constellation chair: Andrzej Pigulski (Jan 2016 – Dec 2017)
Current BRITE-Constellation vice-chair: Gregg Wade (Jan 2016 – Dec 2017)

Voting BEST members (as of November 2017)

austrian flag
Otto Koudelka (PI BRITE-Austria)
Rainer Kuschnig
Werner W. Weiss (PI UniBRITE)
Konstanze Zwintz
canadian flag
Anthony Moffat
Jason Rowe
Slavek Rucinski
Gregg Wade (PI)
polish flag
Gerald Handler (PI)
Piotr Orleanski
Andrzej Pigulski
Radek Smolec

Non-voting BEST members in alphabetical order (as of December 2017)
Dietrich Baade
Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz
Catherine Lovekin
Jaymie Matthews
Stefan Mochnacki
Coralie Neiner
Alosha Pamyatnykh
Bert Pablo
Adam Popowicz
Alexander Schwarzenberg-Czerny
Nicole St. Louis

BRITE-Constellation International Advisory Team (BIAST)

BIAST provides important information and input on various aspects of the BRITE mission with a focus on scientific issues. Many of the BIAST members have already proposed target stars for the mission. Membership is granted by the BRITE Executive Science Team (BEST).


BRITE-Constellation Ground-Based Observing Team (GBOT)

The aim of BRITE-Constellation GBOT is to provide a platform for BRITE scientists and observers worldwide to support collaborations and maximize the scientific output of BRITE-Constellation.

For more information please visit GBOT!