In the future this part of my homepage will present the first draft version of my forthcoming book "EUROPOLIS". The book will be published in 3 parts: EUROPOLIS 1 (Traffic-Techniques and Traffic-Politics), EUROPOLIS 2 (Economics & Science, Culture & Society) and EUROPOLIS 3 (the rest). Most of the book is written in German. However, there are also articles in English and Spanish. EUROPOLIS 1 will probably go to print in November of 2001 and is scheduled to be published by Passagen-Verlag, Vienna (Austria) and Frankfurt/Main (Germany). All three parts of the book together will contain some 500 pages of text and 100 drawings and photographs. The editor of this publication will be the theoretical philosopher and artist Peter Weibel.


Enclosed you will find first the main outline of the chapters for every part of the book (Kapitel-Gliederung) followed by a more detailed outline of the articles (Artikel-Gliederung). Soon English abstracts of the contents of the various articles will be added. The book has about 34 chapters, the main themes of which are: traffic, Europe, economics and politics, architecture and town building, science, culture and society, inventions, poems and musical compositions. But since about the half of the text discusses new traffic solutions (especially for Europe), the traffic-body is divided into 15 (sometimes very small) chapters and collected in EUROPOLIS1. The second volume, EUROPOLIS 2, contains another 11 chapters. The content of EUROPOLIS 3 is not fixed yet, and in the above presentation the reader can only find a first outlook (of its planned 8 chapters).


Since the structure of the first draft version is not yet definitive (and will not be up until the book is actually published) and involves a continuous process of production, all new articles, revisons, updates, corrections and additions will be marked with the "new"-label sign (on the right side of the chapter concerned in the main structure). This way the reader can follow the progress made in preparing the draft versions and provisional preprints of the considered papers. Then we will start the phase of general revision, which will mainly involve corrections of content and of stylistic nature. The manuscript of EUROPOLIS 1 must be finished by the end of September 2001 and ready for printing. In the meantime the reader will be able to enjoy the preprint. I am most grateful for any comments, contructive critics, and corrections of the proof sheets.


Some papers that have been stored in the 1st homepage http://www.univie.ac.at/cognition/jimmy have been moved to my 2nd homepage http://www.univie.ac.at/bvi/jimmy or to the EUROPOLIS book. I will start to convert that 2nd homepage into an English one with a main focus on science in about a year: logic, math, game-theory, etc. (Please also visit this 2nd homepage!) The 3rd homepage is: http://www.univie.ac.at/bvi . A 4th homepage will be established in about 2 years at the institute of information systems at the Technical University Vienna. It will be my Spanish homepage (which will include articles in French or Italian too). The main focus of that 4th homepage will be computer science and games.


I thank you very much for your help, and I am counting on your further support in future!


<3 <3 <3 (=cordially) Jimmy


Vienna, June 2001


The development of this homepage is supported by the funds of the Austrian Federal Ministery of Transportation, Innovation and Technology.
The BVI (Austrian Society for Business and Transportation Informatics) expresses its thanks for the financial help.