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How to search

- The first step of searching the database is the decision which kind of search strategy you choose. The database offers two search strategies: Full text search or index search.

- If full text search is chosen Boolean operators can be used (e.g. if search terms like "Byzantine", "Roman" are combined, the following search possibilities are offered: ; "_" means "Byzantine" and "Roman"; "," means "Byzantine or "Roman"; "-" "Byzantine" and not "Roman")

- Index search currently offers search by year, category and place name.

- If you have searched the database, you will get your list of results. The order of titles is by year and within a year by authors' names From this list you can open the title card. This card offers a full bibliographical description including (if available) keywords, classification and annotation. It can be sent to an email address.
NOTE: In order to make searching the database on computers with Anglo-American keyboards easier some simplifications have been added ( ä = a; ö = o; ü = u; ß = ss). If you are looking for "Spätantike" or "Mönch" just type "Spatantike" or "Monch".