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Commission Meetings

 Past Events

Seminar “Historical maps, atlas maps, and toponymy”, Leipzig, Germany, 21-23 August 2013 

 As a pre-conference event of ICC Dresden three ICA commissions/working groups, i.e. the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography (chair: Elri Liebenberg, South Africa), the ICA Commission on Atlases (chair: Peter Jordan, Austria) and the ICA/IGU WG/Commission on Toponymy (chair: Paulo de Menezes, Brazil) in co-operation with the Leibniz Institute of Regional Research [Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde, IfL] Leipzig, met in the facilities of this Institute in Leipzig. The seminar saw 40 registered participants and 17 paper presentations with a lot of fruitful interdisciplinary discussion. The proceedings will be published open access by the host institute as a volume of its book series “forum IfL”.

Papers presented:

Jordan, Peter (Austria): Principles of place names rendering in the various kinds of atlases

Spiess, Ernst (Switzerland): Toponymy in school atlases in a multilingual environment – its evolution in the Swiss school atlases during more than 100 years

Sieber, René (Switzerland): How to deal with historical maps in an interactive atlas – Experiences from the Atlas of Switzerland

Wolodtschenko, Alexander (Germany): Towards a cartosemiotic research of names in diverse atlases

Losang, Eric (Germany): nationalatlanten.nationalatlas.de – An interactive database on national atlases

Ferland, Yaïves (Canada): The electoral topomynic drifts: Mapping the evolution of political constituency names and limits in Québec

Fuchs, Stephan (Germany): Place names as ethnocultural indicators – The example of German toponyms on maps of the American Midwest

Jeney, János (Hungary/Germany): Relation of toponymy and minorities living in the Vojvodina Region in the beginning of the 20th century

Losang, Eric (Germany): Geoimaginaries – A virtual research environment for the humanities

Ormeling, Ferjan (Netherlands): Names on old maps

Board, Christopher (United Kingdom): Reflections on the links between toponymy and lettering on Jeppe’s and other maps of the Transvaal between 1877 and 1907

Palagiano, Cosimo (Italy): The shape of Italy on ancient maps

Slukan Altić, Mirela (Croatia): The German contribution to the 19th century cartography of European Turkey with special regard to Heinrich Kiepert

Geršič, Matjaž; Kladnik, Drago (Slovenia): Cigale's World Atlas and its impact on Slovenian exonyms

Menezes, Paulo de (Brazil): Linking Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, through historical cartography and toponymy

Qi, Qingwen et al. (China): Ancient maps and mapping technologies in Ming, Qing Dynasty and Mingguo Period

Braun, Lindsay Frederick (USA): Colonial conquest and toponym shifts in the Kei Valley, South Africa, 1850-1900

ICA Atlas Commission Session with presentations of new atlases from Central Europe (and beyond) within the International Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping (SOMAP 2012), Vienna, Austria, 22 November 2012

Venue: Austrian Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying [Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV)], 1020 Wien, Schiffamtsgasse 1-3

Organizers: ICA Commission on Map Production and Geobusiness, ICA Commission on Atlases, ICA Commission on Map Projections, ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet, ICA Commission on Use and User Issues.


Papers presented:

Seger Martin (Austria): Atlas of the Habsburg Empire

Ptaček Pavel (Czech Republic): Atlas of the Carpathian Macroregion

Feranec Jan (Slovakia): Land Use/Cover Changes in Selected Regions in the World – 7 volumes of the Atlas issued by IGU-LUCC

Bičík Ivan (Czech Republic): Y. Himiyama, I. Bičík, J. Feranec (eds.) (2012): Land Use/Cover Changes in Selected Regions in the World, Vol. VII

Voželínek Vít, Brychtová Alžběta, Vondráková Alena, Michalík Jan (Czech Republic): Atlas of Special Education Centres in the Czech Republic

Kupková Lucie (Czech Republic): Atlas of Socio-spatial Differentiation in the Czech Republic, Karolinum, 2011.

Mladek Jozef (Slovakia): Population Atlas of Slovakia

Kusendova Dagmar, Majo Juraj (Slovakia): Historical Atlas of the Lutheran Church in Slovakia

Kocsis Károly, Kovács Anikó, Agárdi Norbert (Hungary): Hungary in Maps, Southeastern Europe in Maps, Ukraine in Maps

Losang Eric (Germany): Digital Atlas of Political Representations of Space in Central-East Europe in the 20th century

Kreft Wolfgang (Germany): City Atlas Silesia 

ICA Commission Workshop on City Atlases, Guangzhou, China, 15-16 November 2012  

 held in the framework of the 7th National Conference on Cartography and Geographic Information Systems of China, jointly organized by the Geographical Society of China, the Surveying and Mapping Society of China, and the Geological Society of China.

Venue: Sun Yat-sen University, Xin-gang West Road No.135, Guangzhou, China, 510275

Topic: City atlases under various aspects


Papers presented:

Voželinek Vít (Olomouc, Czech Republic): The contents of a thematic atlas: From map collection towards an atlas information system

Qi Qingwen (Bejing): Summary and achievements of city atlases in China

Gierczak Dariusz (Marburg, Germany): Historical-Topographical Atlas of Silesian Towns

Du Qingyun (Wuhan): Research and practice of an on-line urban dynamic electronic atlas

Long Yi, Liu  Xiaoyan (Nanjing): Research and application of a phonic city navigation atlas

Guo Renzhong,  Liu Jiangtao (Shenzhen): Technologies and characteristics of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Atlas

Jiang Hailiang, Zhang An (Shaoxing): Edition and features of the Shaoxing City Atlas

Pang Xiaoping (Guangzhou): Technologies and display of the Guangzhou Image Atlas

Hudeček Tomaš, Zakova Zuzana (Prague, Czech Republic): Radial anamorphosis cartographic method – used for thematic maps in a city Atlas

Ma Chenyan (Wuhan): Visual art design of a city atlas

Conference “National Atlases in the Formation of the Global Information Space”, 5th All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “National Mapping”, Kiev, Ukraine, 13-14 September 2012


Venue: Kiev House of Scientists, Kiev, Volodymyrska str., 45А

Organizers: National Committee of Geographers of Ukraine, Ukrainian Geographical Society, International Cartographic Association (Commission on Atlases), Ukrainian Cartographic Association, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Geography), State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Kartographia”

Topics: Characteristics of national and regional atlases of different countries of the world, modern conceptual approaches to the creation of national and regional atlases, problems of information reflection and coordination of thematics of border regions maps, Software and technology of creation of paper and electronic versions of national atlases.


Papers presented:

Rudenko L. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): National Atlas - from the statement to the elements of the development and acute problems of our time.

Jordan P. (Austria): The role of national atlases in identity building.

Berlyant A. (Moscow State University): Quincentenary Gerard Mercator and modern atlas cartography.

Krayukhin A., Pozdnyak G., Ryabchikova V., Krivov S. (Scientific and Production Association «Cartography», Moscow, Russia): The National Atlas of Russia - an information resource of the country.

Kasimov N., Kotova T., Tikunov V. (Moscow State University, Russia): Atlas study of environmental conditions in Russia.

Bondyrev I. (Vakhushti Institute of Geography, Dzhavahashvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia): The specifics of creating the thematic atlas «Geomorphology of the South Caucasus.

Rudenko L., Bochkovskaya A. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): Resources of the National Atlases in forming of global information systems.

Akiyanova F., Askarov M., Iskakov N., Medeu A., Malkovsky I., Skorintseva I., Tokmagambetov R. (Institute of Geography of Republic Kazakhstan): The National Atlas of the Republic of Kazakhstan – cartographic basis for sustainable development.

Rudenko V., Rudenko S. (Yuriy Fedkovich Chernovtsy National University, Ukraine): The structure of thematic atlas of Ukraine. Natural resource potential.

Antipova E. (Belarusian State University): Improvement of the thematic content of the section "population" of the National Atlas of the Republic of Belarus.

Nefedova T. (Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences): Mapping of the modern features of agriculture in the national and thematic atlases of Russia.

Boriak G. (Institute of History of Ukraine), Sossa R. (SSPE "Cartography"): Atlas of the Holodomor of Ukraine.

Elchaninov A. (D. Likhachev Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage): Russian names on the world map.

Loza Y.: Versions historians and cartography: some thoughts after the publication of the 1st volume of Historical Atlas of Ukraine.

Serdiuk M. Mahnyuk V., Kireeva I. (A. Merseyev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine): Medical-ecological component of national, thematic and regional atlases.

Medvedev A. (Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences): The organization of spatial data on the basis of electronic and multimedia atlases.

Batuev A. Beshentsev A., Bychkov I., Dorzhgotov D., Korytnyi L., Plyusnin A., Slepchuk M., Tikunov V.,Tulokhonov A.: Design and creation Russian-Mongol atlas of transboundary Baikal macro-region.

Topchyev A., Nefedov N., Yavorskaya V. (I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Ukraine): Atlas marine economic complex of Ukraine: Conceptual bases, structure and content.

Kharchenko A., Vishnevsky D., Khizhnyak V. (Institute of Economic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences): Using the atlas mapping in the development and implementation of regional socio-economic programs and projects.

Syrodoev G. Kiryak I., Syrodoev I. (Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova): Experience in developing ecological atlas river basin of the Dniester River.

Balciunas Andrius (Vilnius University, Lithuania): Web maps functionality analysis of the National Atlases.

Chabanyuk V., Dyshlyk O., Putrenko V. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): The main technological solutions in designing of national atlases.

Schnürer Raimund, Sieber René (Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, ETH Zurich): Assessment of standards-compliant Web Mapping Tools for Atlas Creation.

Vozenilek Vit, Vondrakova Alena (Palacky University, Olomouc, Chezh Republic): Thematic diversity of the Czech scientific atlases in context of national spatial data infrastructure

Karpinski Y., Liashenko A., Chyerin A. (Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Ukraine): Network of geoportals by the national geospatial data infrastructure.

Rossimel Alex (School Jacaranda, Australia): Creating a multi-published student atlas« The Jacaranda Atlas, 7th edition.

Urazbayeva G., Iskalieva G., Karagulova R., Orazbekova K., Tanbaeva A. (Institute of Geography of Kazahstan): The creation of The National Atlas of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of GIS technology.

Krayukhin A. (Scientific and Production Association «Cartography», Moscow, Russia): Some conceptual issues of the state map information.

Palienko V. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): Reflections of natural conditions and resources in the National Atlases of different countries.

Osadchy V., Nabyvanets Y., Babichenko V., Balabuh V., Gorbachev L., Krakovskaia S., Skrynnik A.: Regional climate change in Ukraine and their reflection in the national atlas.

Kozachenko T. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): Economics in the National Atlas of Ukraine compared to other national atlases.

Bagrov N., Yakovenko I. (V. Vernadsky Taurian National University, Ukraine): Theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of recreational atlas.

Peresadko V. (V. Karazin Kharkiv National University): Conceptual approaches to creating a system of regional ecological - environmental mapping works.

Rovenchak I., Dikiy I, Hrytselyak V. (Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Maps and Atlases», Ukraine): Conceptual approaches to creating historical atlas of Ukrainian statehood.

Vistak O., Shabliy O. (Ivan Franko Lviv National University), Sossa R. (SSPE "Cartography", Ukraine): Complex atlas of the city: theoretical and methodological foundations of development.

Rudenko L., Putrenko V. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): Atlas of the risks and dangers of emergencies.

Bobrik M. (P. Masherova Vitebsk State University, Belarus): Atlas «The Belarusians» is the first experience of creating an atlas of ethnic.

Kauryha P., Loginovа E. (Belarusian state university): The state and development of climatic cartography in Belarus.

Zhmoydyak R., Temples V. (Belarusian State University): Development of the atlas mapping in Belarus.

Ishchuk S., Gladkiy O. (Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University): Problems of improvement of economic efficiency of enterprises in the thematic atlases of Ukraine.

Cherlinka V., Dmitruk M. (Yuriy Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine): The use of free software in creating thematic atlases.

Bezruchonak A. (Belarusian state university): GIS-T in transportation geography: research perspectives for transportation systems mapping.

Mouradian V., Asmaryan S. (Center for Ecological Noosphere Studies of NAS of republic Armenia): Getting the thematic and integrated maps using GIS technology to create a regional eco-geographical Atlas Syuniksogo Marz of Armenia.

Kurlovych D., Klebanovych N. (Belarusian State University): Geological and geomorphological GIS atlas Belarusian Poozerya.

Yatsuhno V. (Belarusian State University): Mapping provision of management of transboundary protected areas of Belarus and Lithuania.

Hrytsevych V. (Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Ukraine): Functional and territorial approach to atlas mapping of the population movement.

Duc N. (Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine): Features and problems atlas mapping of customs activities.

Smirnov I. (Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University): Ukraine in the Black Sea Euroregion: Problems of collaboration and cartographic mapping.

Isaev D. (State Research and Production Enterprise «Cartography»): Atlas of Ukraine's history.

Kiryukhin O. (V. Karazin Kharkiv National University): Development of Atlas of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Kovalchuk I., Evsyukov T., Savchuk O., Skavronskyy V. (National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine): Atlas mapping of land resources (for example Fastiv Kyiv region).

Lubchenco V. («State mapping factory», Vinnitsa): Europe. Atlas tourist.

Patrakeyev I. (Kharkov national academy of municipal economy): Creating multimedia atlases of territories as GIS mapping direction.

Mokienko A., Leonov S., Minkova S., Mozhyna O., Wise E. (Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa): State inventory of natural medicinal resources as part of the national and global information space.

Onyschak OV Ostrouh VI, Rudenko, I. (State Research and Production Enterprise "Cartography"): English version of the complex atlas of the Kiev region – Spatial Data Infrastructure component of the region.

Pidgrushnyi G., Kachayev Y. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): Background and conceptual framework of creating Economic and Investment Atlas of Ukraine.

Tsutsura L. (Ivan Franko Lviv National University): Science activity of Academic S. Rudnitsky in atlas mapping.

Blagoveschansky V.,. Medeu A., Ranova S. (Institute of Geography of Kazahstan): Atlas of the natural and technological hazards and risks of emergency situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of GIS technology.

Lyashenko D. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): The implementation of the concept of Open web-atlas of Ukraine in the changing paradigm of knowledge management.

Veklich L., Pivak L., Rudenko I. (State Research and Production Enterprise "Cartography"): Atlas touristic mapping.

Barladin O., Busol I. («Institute of Advanced Technologies »): Peculiarities of creating electronic mapping resources nationwide on example of products of the Institute of advanced technology.

Chernova A., Alyabyna I., Urusevskaya I. (Lomonosov Moscow State University): Reference and information system of the Atlas of soil of the Russian Federation.

Malysheva N., Zolyna T., Vladimirova N., Raychenko N., Popyk S. (All-Russian Research Institute for forestry and Mechanization of Forestry): Methodology and experience in creating electronic atlas of maps of a directory type according to the state forest registry.

Polyvach K. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): The structure of the atlas of cultural and natural heritage of Ukraine.

First Circular

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, October 20-23, 2010

Workshop of the ICA Commission on National and Regional Atlases on 

  • Recent Directions in National Atlas Cartography
  • National, Regional, City and School Atlases as Expressions and Carriers of Space-related Identity

organized by

  • ICA Commission on National and Regional Atlases
  • National Coordinating Agency for Survey and Mapping, Indonesia
in co-operation with 
  • Faculty of Geography, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Indonesian Cartography Association (AKI)
  • Indonesian Geography Association (IGI)
  •  Association of Geographers of the Gadjah Mada University (IGEGA)


First Circular Information
Download File: First Circular11_updated.doc
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Pre-conference workshop on recent national, regional, city, thematic and school atlases, Paris, France, 1-2 July, 2011 

As a pre-conference event of the 25th International Cartographic Conference in Paris, July 3-8, 2011, the ICA Commission on National and Regional Atlases organised July 1-2, 2011, in the facilities of the Institut géographique national (IGN), in Paris-Vincennes a workshop on national, regional, city, thematic and school atlases. This workshop was a sequence of short presentations of new atlases, new atlas editions and installments or functional improvements/extensions of electronic atlases. It was open for all types of atlases published 2009 and later.

Papers presented:

National atlases

Sieber Réne (Switzerland): Atlas of Switzerland 3.0

Sanchez-Ortiz Rodriguez Pilar (Spain): The National Atlas of Spain (1955-1985): Facsimile digital version

Losang Eric (Germany): From offline product to online atlas – the National Atlas of Germany so far and in the future

Hanewinkel Christian (Gemany): “Germany in Maps” – An online regional geo-graphy

Qi Qingwen (China): Edition and technical achievements of national & provincial atlases in China taking two atlases as examples


Regional, urban and thematic atlases

Yu Dongmei (China): Atlas of Gender Equality and Women's Development in China

Kubiček Petr (Czech Republic): Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic

Schulz Thomas (Switzerland): Statistical Atlas of Switzerland

Schulz Thomas (Switzerland): Political Atlas of Switzerland (Election Atlas 2011)

Wiktorin Dorothea (Germany): A national, a regional and a city atlas (Luxemburg, Ruhr, Nürnberg)

Wolodtschenko Alexander (Germany): Minidisplay-atlases and information com-fort

Jordan Peter (Austria): Two new instalments of the Atlas of Eastern and South-eastern Europe 

CNRA Business Meeting


  Santiago de Chile (Chile), 19 November 2009


Provisional Agenda:

  • Opening
  • Report on Commission activities since ICC Moscow
  • Election of a vice-chair
  • Commission website
  • Edition of the "cook book" for atlas editors
  • Future activities
  • Other agenda
  • Closing

UN/ICA Week of Geographical Names in Timişoara


Timişoara (Romania), 9-13 September 2008


A joint meeting of

  • the UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms
  • and the Commission on National and Regional Atlases (CNRA) of the International Cartographic Association (ICA)

will bring together experts on geographical names and cartographers to discuss the topic of geographical names and their different modes of use in a comprehensive way. The week will be organized in the form of two subsequent meetings accessible not only for the members of the respective subgroup, but for all other participants interested. A common excursion to the city of Timişoara and to villages in its surroundings with various cultural backgrounds will round up the event.


Timişoara is the centre of the Romanian Banat and a multicultural city. It is easily accessible by air from several major European airports (transportation essentials ). The joint meeting will take place in the Adam-Mueller-Guttenbrunn-House, the German cultural centre located at the fringe of the downtown (venue map). Accommodation can be provided by hotels nearby.


The week is open for all persons interested (irrespective of UNGEGN divisions and working groups as well as ICA commissions).


English will be the usual working language, but French is also very welcome and special translation arrangements will be provided.


Programme outline


Timisoara transportation essentials
Download File: transp_essentials.pdf
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Venue map
Download File: hotel_map.JPG
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