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UN/ICA Week of Geographical Names in Timişoara


Timişoara (Romania), 9-13 September 2008


A joint meeting of

  • the UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms
  • and the Commission on National and Regional Atlases (CNRA) of the International Cartographic Association (ICA)

will bring together experts on geographical names and cartographers to discuss the topic of geographical names and their different modes of use in a comprehensive way. The week will be organized in the form of two subsequent meetings accessible not only for the members of the respective subgroup, but for all other participants interested. A common excursion to the city of Timişoara and to villages in its surroundings with various cultural backgrounds will round up the event.

Timişoara is the centre of the Romanian Banat and a multicultural city. It is easily accessible by air from several major European airports. The joint meeting will take place in the Adam-Mueller-Guttenbrunn-House, the German cultural centre located at the fringe of the downtown. Accommodation can be provided by hotels nearby.

The week is open for all persons interested (irrespective of UNGEGN divisions and working groups as well as ICA commissions).

English will be the usual working language, but French is also very welcome and special translation arrangements will be provided.

Programme outline

Tuesday, 9th September, through Wednesday, 10th September 2008

8th Meeting of the UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms on the topic “Guidelines for the Use of Exonyms”

Workshop devoted to the drafting of guidelines for the use of exonyms in various communicative situations and in various media. Following the discussions at the 6th WG Meeting in Prague and the 7th Meeting in New York the first day will be devoted to the presentation of guideline proposals or compact ideas in this respect, while the second day will be reserved to discuss these proposals and to actively elaborate guidelines.

Potential presenters are invited (1) to announce their paper by 31 July 2008 and (2) to make their paper available to other WG members by 31 August 2008 in order to enable discussion on a sound basis, both by addressing peter.jordan@oeaw.ac.at

Thursday, 11th September 2008

Walking excursion to the city of Timişoara and bus excursion to villages in its surroundings with various cultural backgrounds. Price including lunch approx. € 40.-.

Friday, 12th September, through Saturday, 13th September 2008

Meeting of the ICA Commission on National and Regional Atlases (CNRA) on the topic “Geographical Names in National and Regional Atlases”

The first day will see paper presentations and discussions on the rendering of geographical names in various kinds (scientific/popular, conventional/digital, with an international/national audience etc.) of national, regional, city and thematic atlases. The second day, the group of authors and editors engaged in the elaboration of a “cook book” for atlas editors will meet to co-ordinate its work. The group looks forward to receive inputs to the chapter “Use of geographical names in national, regional, city and thematic atlases” from UNGEGN experts. Should you wish to present a paper, please give notice to peter.jordan@oeaw.ac.at by 31 July 2008 at the latest indicating the paper title.

All participants are kindly requested to announce their participation and to register for the excursion by 31 July 2008 (see form sheet enclosed).

The organizers are not able to cover any travel and accommodation expenses.

You are, of course, free to make your own travel arrangements. But having indicated your wishes by 31 July 2008 (see form sheet enclosed), we will be able to offer you discount rates for hotels near to the venue and to reserve a room for you.

A 2nd circular will be disseminated to registered participants in August 2008.

Remus Creţan, Marin Alniţei, Şerban Dragomirescu, Peter Jordan

on behalf of the organizers

UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms
Commission on National and Regional Atlases
University of Timişoara
Romanian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography

Registration Form
Download File: Registration.doc (30.5KB)

Excursion route
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Venue map
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