Art History (S 9802)

  • ASI (Archaeological Survey of India): field research and permission for photography
  • Kabul Museum, SPACH and UNESCO
  • IsIAO and MNAOr: Tucci Collection, Tucci Photographic Archive
  • Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, Lhasa: joint scientific field research in Western Tibet
  • University of Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum (Tibet Visual History online): cooperation on digital archiving (data base); Faculty of Oriental Studies (indigenous cultures of Tibet)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Prof. Michael Meister) - Department of the History of Art, South Asian Studies (South Asia Art Archive): Joint research on the Hindu art and architecture in Northwestern India and the Himalayan region

Tibetan Manuscripts (S 9803)

  • Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association / Phuktar Gonpa’s Cultural and Welfare Society, Delhi / Pukthar:
  • Indira Gandhi National Centre of the Arts, New Delhi
  • National Mission for Manuscripts (Govt. of India), New Delhi: exchange of information; assistance with accessing MSS collections
  • Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala: exchange of information; evaluation of individual texts
  • Rinchen Zangpo Cultural and Literary Society, Keylong: exchange of information; assistance with fieldwork in Lahul and Ladakh/Zanskar
  • Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, Lhasa: fieldwork in TAR


Tibetan Inscriptions (S 9804)

  • ASI (Archaeological Survey of India): permission for documentation in temples that are under the jurisdiction of the ASI
  • TASS (Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences), Lhasa
  • China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC), Beijing


Pre-Islamic Numismatic History (S 9806)

  • Università degli Studi di Roma „La Sapienza“: Prof. Carlo Cereti
  • Freie Universität, Berlin - Institut für Indische Philologie und Kunstgeschichte: Prof. Harry Falk
  • University of Peshawar - Department of Archaeology: Dr. Nasim Khan
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, London: Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams
  • University of Vienna - Department of Numismatics and Monetary History: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Szaivert

Cultural History Information System (S 9808)

  • RMIT University, Melbourne - School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences: Prof. William Cartwright