"Archaeology, Art History, and Numismatics between Iran and India", Vienna 2009

The workshop took place October 22nd at the Department of Art History of the University of Vienna. It aimed to present and combine the most recent results of numismatic and sigillographic research on the Iranian Huns. In an introductory overview, Klaus Vondrovec presented numismatic results from the last several years as well as input from neighbouring fields, including the Brahmi inscription published by Gudrun Melzer and the Bactrian Documents.

Following Vondrovec, Judith Lerner gave an update on the state of her research on the seals and sealings in the Aman ur Rahman Collection. It became clear that coins and seals are indeed dependent upon similar visual traditions and that to some degree coins and seals influenced each other. Documents preserved with their sealings present especially broad opportunities for historic and chronological interpretation.