Coordination (S 9801)

Project Leader: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Deborah Klimburg-Salter
Members: P. Latschenberger, J. Schörflinger, Mag.a M. Strinu, Mag.a E. Würzl

The Coordination project facilitates and coordinates communication among the project members at all levels as well as between projects and the network’s international partners and consultants. It administrates all special events (such as exhibitions and workshops) and initiatives that extend beyond the scientific boundaries of a single sub-project, as well as the Nako Research and Preservation Project (NRPP) and the Kabul Museum Manuscripts Study. The Coordination also assists the “Speaker” Prof. D. Klimburg-Salter by preparing the NFN central accounting, reports and publications, organizes the monthly half-day working sessions, and organizes the two international meetings with consultants, the national meeting as well as the visits and activities of the Coordination project consultants and serves as the interface with the Research Platform (CIRDIS).