New Trends in Cognitive Science 1999:
International Conference and Workshop



The international conference and workshop NTCS'99 brought together theorists working on identifying a "successor" notion of computation-one that not only respects the classical (and critical) limiting results about algorithms, grammars, complexity bounds, etc., but that also does justice to real-world concerns of daily computational practice, and thereby offers a much better chance of serving as a possible foundation for a realistic theory of mind.  The workshop section focused on the prospects for developing a theory that takes computing not to be not abstract, syntactic, disembodied, isolated, and non-intentional, but concrete, semantic, embodied, interactive, and intentional.

Invited Speakers

NTCS'99 featured lectures by the following speakers:

Organization and Sponsorship

Organizer: Matthias Scheutz (University of Vienna, University of Notre Dame, ASoCS)


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