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Mitglieder des Vorstandes

President   Giselher Guttmann
Professor, Psychology, Univ. of Vienna
Vice president   Georg Dorffner
Associate Professor, AI & Cognitive Science, Med. Univ. of Vienna
Secretary-general   Markus Peschl
Associate Professor, Philosophy of Science & Cognitive Science, Univ. of Vienna
Substitute   Hanna Risku
Professor, Univ. Krems, Head of the Department for Knowledge and Communication Management
Secretary   Andreas Reichelt
PhD student in Cognitve Science
Substitute   Nicole Rossmanith
PhD student in Cognitve Science
Treasurer   Brigitte Römmer
Univ. of Vienna, Center for Teaching & Learning
Substitute   Elisabeth Zimmermann
Study program coordinator MEi:CogSci masters program, Univ. of Vienna

Please contact the general-secretary for more informations about the Society.

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