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Brier S. (2008) The paradigm of Peircean biosemiotics. Signs-International Journal of Semiotics 2: 30–81. Fulltext at
Brier S. (2011) Cybersemiotics: A new foundation for transdisciplinary theory of information, cognition, meaning, communication and consciousness. Signs 5: 75–120. Fulltext at
Cariani P. (2011) The semiotics of cybernetic percept-action systems. International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems 1(1): 1–17. Fulltext at
Pietarinen A.-V. (2005) Varieties of constructivism and the inaccessibility of reality argument (Chapter 5). In: Signs of logic: Peircean themes on the philosophy of language, games, and communication. Springer, Dordrecht: 149–179. Fulltext at
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