Publication 1969

Varela F. J., Thompson E. & Rosch E. (1991) The embodied mind: Cognitive science and human experience. MIT Press, Cambridge.
German: Der Mittlere Weg der Erkenntnis, Scherz, Munich, 1992, Italian: La via del mezzo de la conoscenza Feltrinelli, Milano, 1993., French: L’Inscription Corporelle de l’Esprit, Seuil, Paris, 1993., Spanish: De Cuerpo Presente: Las ciencias cognitivas y la experiencia humana, Gedisa, Barcelona, 1992., Portuguese: Editora Piaget, Lisbon., Brazil: Editorial Artes Medicas, Sao Paulo., Japanese: Koishaku, Tokyo., Korean: Hyunwoo Publishing Co., Seoul., Chinese: Shy Mau Publishing Co., Taiwan.
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