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Mitterer J. (2011) Die Flucht aus der Beliebigkeit [The flight from contingency]. With a new afterword for this edition. Velbrück Wissenschaft, Weilerswist .
”The critical part of this book is a construction of the dualistic technique of argumentation and its presuppositions. One aim is achieved when the dualist understands my construction as a reconstruction, when the dualist accepts my presentation of the dualistic discourse as a representation of his discourse. Insofar as this aim is achieved, the dualistic argumentation will no longer be persuasive: it will be transparent and no longer transcendent.” The main thesis of The Flight from Contingency defies the self-understanding of philosophy as a truth-oriented enterprise: philosophy is an argumentation technique that allows the immunizaton of any arbitrary opinions held as true, correct or adequate and that allows the criticism of any counter-opinion as false or mistaken.
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