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one year0 Glanville R. (1998) A (cybernetic) musing: The gestation of second order cybernetics, 1968–1975 – A Personal Account
one year0 Glanville R. (2000) A (cybernetic) musing: The state of cybernetics
6 months Kitchener R. F. (1985) A bibliography of philosophical work on Piaget
3 days Reybrouck M. (2005) A biosemiotic and ecological approach to music cognition: Event perception between auditory listening and cognitive economy
7 months Clancey W. J. (1995) A boy scout, Toto, and a bird: How situated cognition is different from situated robotics
2 months Kauffman L. H. & Umpleby S. A. (2017) A brief history of (second-order) cybernetics
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (2007) A constructive approach to “universals”
7 months Cobb P., Yackel E. & Wood T. (1992) A constructivist alternative to the representational view of mind in mathematics education
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1992) A constructivist approach to experiential foundations of mathematical concepts
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1995) A constructivist approach to teaching
2 weeks Krippendorff K. (2009) A constructivist critique of semiotics
4 months Bennett M. J. (2016) A constructivist epistemology of hate
10 months Powers W. T. & Glasersfeld E. von (1986) A control conversation
one year Pask G. (1978) A conversation theoretic approach to social systems
one year Bitbol M. (2003) A cure for metaphysical illusions: Kant, quantum mechanics, and the madhyamaka
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1997) A cybernetician before cybernetics
10 months McCulloch W. S. (1945) A heterarchy of values determined by the topology of nervous nets
one year Umpleby S. A. (2005) A history of the cybernetics movement in the United States
one year Richards L. D. (2016) A history of the history of cybernetics: An agenda for an ever-changing present
one year Drescher G. L. (1987) A Mechanism for Early Piagetian Learning
one year Foerster H. von, Mead M. & Teuber H. L. (1953) A note from the editors
one year0 Baecker D. (1996) A note on composition
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1997) A postscript to Kenneth Boulding
4 months Glasersfeld E. von (2003) A proposito della viabilità
one month Glasersfeld E. von (2000) A proposito dell’operare costitutivo [About constitutive operating]
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1994) A radical constructivist view of basic mathematical constructs
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1995) A rejoinder to Otte
one year Varela F. J. (1997) A science of consciousness as if experience mattered
one year0 Glanville R. (1997) A ship without a rudder
4 months Glasersfeld E. von (2003) A Source Book for Teachers and Teacher Education. Review of D. Lesh, Beyond Constructivism
one year Uexküll J. von (1957) A stroll through the worlds of animals and men
one year García R. (1999) A systemic interpretation of Piaget’s theory of knowledge
8 months Graham P. & McKenna B. (2000) A theoretical and analytical synthesis of autopoiesis and sociolinguistics for the study of organisational communication
7 months Confrey J. (1994) A theory of intellectual development, Part I: Radical constructivism
7 months Confrey J. (1995) A theory of intellectual development, Part II: Socio-cultural perspective
7 months Confrey J. (1995) A theory of intellectual development, Part III: A framework for a revised perspective
7 months Confrey J. & Kazak S. (2006) A thirty-year reflection on constructivism in mathematics education in PME
one year McCulloch W. S. (1961) Abracadabra
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1991) Abschied von der Objektivität
11 months Glasersfeld E. von (1991) Abstraction, re-presentation, and reflection
7 months Glanville R. (2014) Acting to understand and understanding to act
one year Nowotny H. (1990) Actor-networks vs. science as a self-organizing system: A comparative view of two constructivist approaches
one year Varela F. J. (1992) Afterword
4 months Glasersfeld E. von (2004) Aggiunta al “noi” politico
9 months Gordon S. (2015) Alan Watts and neurophenomenology
6 months Kull U. (1998) Alter Wein in neuem Schlauch – oder “Kant 2000"
one year Umpleby S. A. (1987) American and Soviet discussions of the foundations of cybernetics and general systems theory
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1997) Amplification of a constructivist perspective
3 months Garrison J. (1997) An alternative to von Glasersfeld’s subjectivism in science education: Deweyan social constructivism
7 months Neimeyer R. A. (1993) An appraisal of constructivist psychotherapies
one year Krippendorff K. (1984) An epistemological foundation for communication
7 months Morf A. (1998) An epistemology for didactics: Speculations on situating a concept
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1990) An exposition of constructivism: Why some like it radical
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1988) An exposition of radical constructivism
one month Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) An interactivist-constructivist approach to intelligence: Self-directed anticipative learning
6 months Sciulli D. (1994) An interview with Niklas Luhmann. Theory
one year Mingers J. (1989) An Introduction to Autopoiesis – Implications and Applications
one year Glasersfeld E. von (1984) An introduction to radical constructivism
one year Leyland M. L. (1988) An introduction to some of the ideas of Humberto Maturana
10 months Glanville R. (2001) An observing science
12 months Powers W. T. (1988) An outline of control theory
6 months Weber J. (1998) Angepaßte Monologe? Über die Konsequenzen “radikaler” De-Ontologisierung und konventioneller Performanz
7 months Barsch A. (1996) Angst vor einem neuen Paradigma? Replik auf Ralph Gehrkes “Was leistet der Radikale Konstruktivismus für die Literaturwissenschaft?
6 months Glasersfeld E. von (1978) Another minor revision, or the disregard for control theory and the analysis of inductive feedback systems
one year Goodrich P. (1999) Anti-Teubner: Autopoiesis, paradox, and the theory of law.
one year Kenny V. (1989) Anticipating autopoiesis: Personal construct psychology and self-organizing systems
3 months Glasersfeld E. von (1998) Anticipation in the constructivist theory of cognition
11 months Slezak P. (2014) Appraising constructivism in science education
2 months Foerster H. von (1985) Apropos Epistemologies
one year Biggiero L. (2001) Are firms autopoietic systems
8 months Kay R. (2001) Are organizations autopoietic? A call for new debate
one week Abriszewski K. (2017) Are philosophers’ actions realist or constructivist
10 months Lerman S. (1994) Articulating theories of mathematics learning
one year Parisi D. & Schlesinger M. (2002) Artificial life and Piaget
one year Mueller U. & Grobman K. H. (2003) Artificial life and Piaget
8 months Rohde M. & Stewart J. (2008) Ascriptional and “genuine” autonomy
one year Gash H. (2009) Attitude change, stereotypes and tolerance
10 months Hejl P. M. (1996) Aufklärung oder Romantik?
one year Mitterer J. (2000) Aus objektiver Distanz. Notizen zum richtigen Abstand. Für S. J. Schmidt so far and from now on [From an objective distance. Notes for the right distance. For S. J. Schmidt so far and from now on]
one year Varela F. J. (1981) Autonomy and autopoiesis
2 months Varela F. J. (1979) Autonomy and biological thinking (Chapter 1)
one month Barandiaran X. E. (2016) Autonomy and enactivism: Towards a theory of sensorimotor autonomous agency
4 months Febbrajo A. & Teubner G. (1992) Autonomy and regulation in the autopoietic perspective: An introduction
6 months Keeney B. P. (1988) Autonomy in dialogue
one year Froese T., Virgo N. & Izquierdo E. (2007) Autonomy: A review and a reappraisal
7 months Boden M. (2008) Autonomy: What is it?
one year Maturana H. R. (1981) Autopoiesis
one year Luhmann N. (2007) Autopoiesis als soziologischer Begriff
one year Escobar J. M. (2012) Autopoiesis and Darwinism
one year Little J. H. (2001) Autopoiesis and governance: Societal steering and control in democratic societies
6 months Limone A. & Bastias L. E. (2006) Autopoiesis and knowledge in the organization: Conceptual foundation for authentic knowledge management
one year Boden M. (2000) Autopoiesis and life
one year Thompson E. & Varela F. J. (1999) Autopoiesis and Lifelines: The importance of origins
one month Etxeberria A. (2004) Autopoiesis and natural drift: Genetic information, reproduction, and evolution revisited
6 months Goldspink C. & Kay R. (2009) Autopoiesis and organizations: A biological view of organizational change and methods for its study
one year Andrew A. M. (1979) Autopoiesis and self-organization
6 months Geyer F. (1992) Autopoiesis and social systems – 1
8 months Robb F. F. (1992) Autopoiesis and supra-human systems
8 months Kay R. (2002) Autopoiesis and systems education: Implications for practice
2 months Varela F. J. (1979) Autopoiesis as the organization of living systems (Chapter 2)
9 months Hejl P. M. (1995) Autopoiesis or co-evolution? Reconceptualizing the relation between individuals and societies
one year Luhmann N. (1982) Autopoiesis, Handlung und kommunikative Verständigung
one year Villalobos M. (2013) Autopoiesis, Life, Mind and Cognition: Bases for a Proper Naturalistic Continuity
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one year Zolo D. (1990) Autopoiesis: Critique of a postmodern paradigm
8 months Gregersen N. H. (1999) Autopoiesis: Less than self-constitution, more than self-organization. Reply to Gilkey, McClelland and Deltete, and Brun
one year Maturana H. R. (1980) Autopoiesis: Reproduction, heredity and evolution
one year Bednarz J. Jr. (1988) Autopoiesis: The organizational closure of social systems
one month De Jesus P. (2016) Autopoietic enactivism, phenomenology and the deep continuity between life and mind
8 months Misheva V. (2002) Autopoietic systems and their poietic counterparts
5 months Schatten M. (2008) Autopoietic theory as a framework for biometrics
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one year Müller A. (2015) Avec un “s”: Histories of cybernetics and the ASC
6 months Eckes T. (1998) Begriffe, kognitive Konstruktionen und die Erkenntnis der Welt
one year Rosenblueth A., Wiener N. & Bigelow J. (1943) Behavior, purpose and teleology
one year Gash H. (2014) Belief and systems.
6 months Leiber T. (1998) Bemerkungen zum Radikalen Konstruktivismus von Ernst von Glasersfeld
10 months Glasersfeld E. von (1987) Bemerkungen zur epistemologischen Revolution
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10 months Osborne J. (1996) Beyond constructivism
3 months Anderson H. & Goolishian H. A. (1990) Beyond Cybernetics: Comments on Atkinson and Heath’s “Further Thoughts on Second-Order Family Therapy”
5 months Lenay C. & Steiner P. (2010) Beyond the internalism/externalism debate: The constitution of the space of perception
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one year Barinaga M. (2003) Buddhism and Neuroscience: Studying the Well-Trained Mind
8 months Alward P. (2014) Butter knives and screwdrivers: An intentionalist defense of radical constructivism
one year Welton D. (2011) Can a top-down phenomenology of intentional consciousness be integrated with a bottom-up phenomenology of biological systems?
one year Mingers J. (2002) Can social systems be autopoietic? Assessing Luhmann’s social theory
one month Adams S. (2007) Castoriadis and autopoiesis
6 months Stein L. A. (1999) Challenging the computational metaphor: Implications for how we think
one year0 Gash H. & Murphy-Lejeune E. (2005) Children's perceptions of other cultures
6 months Floyd C. (1996) Choices about choices
one year Luhmann N. (1988) Closure and openness: On reality in the world of law
one year Maturana H. R. (1978) Cognition
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one year Maturana H. R. (1985) Comment by Humberto R. Maturana: The mind is not in the head
4 months Glasersfeld E. von (2003) Comment on Neil Ryder’s “Science and Rhetoric”
one year Paucar-Caceres A. & Harnden R. (2011) Commentary on the Separate Prologues by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela to the Second Edition of ‘De Máquinas y Seres Vivos – Autopoiesis: La organización de lo vivo’ – Twenty Years After
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one year Foerster H. von (1971) Computing in the Semantic Domain
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one month Espejo R. & Dominici G. (2017) Cybernetics of value cocreation for product development
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