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Varela F. J. (1976) Not one, not two. CoEvolution Quarterly 12: 62–67. Fulltext at
This paper has two parts. In the “Notes on Dialectics” I develop some ideas that apply to dualities quite generally. In the “Epilog,” I have stated my ideas on the Mind-Body Problem from the perspective taken in the notes. Briefly stated, my feeling is that if there is going to be a change be our perception of the Mind-Body relation, there has to be a change in the context in which the problem is seen to arise. This implies, at least, a change (i) in the logic used to understand that dialectics and wholes are; (ii) in the scientific ideas about what mind is, (moving away from the brain-secretion image, towards an understanding of mind as conversational domain); and (iii) in the cultural conceptions about mind, (which restrict the kind of experience that are socially and individually accessible).



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