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Glasersfeld E. von (1995) Radical constructivism: A way of knowing and learning. Falmer Press, London. Fulltext at
This book gives a definitive theoretical account of radical constcuctivism., a theory of knowing that provides a pragmatic approach to questions about reality, truth, language and human understanding, The chapter are: (1) “Growing up Constructivist: Languages and Thoughtful People,” (2) “Unpopular Philosophical Ideas: A History in Quotations,” (3) “Piaget’s Constructivist Theory of Knowing,” (4) “The Construction of Concepts,” (5) “Reflection and Abstraction,” (6) “Constructing Agents: The Self and Others,” (7) “On Language, Meaning, and Communication,” (8) “The Cybernetic Connection,” (9) “Units, Plurality and Number,” and (10) “To Encourage Students” Conceptual Constructing."
German translation: (1996) Radikaler Konstruktivismus: Ideen, Ergebnisse, Probleme. (375 pages, also contains articles from the 1950s). Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main, Italian translation: (1998) Il costruttivismo radicale: Una via per conoscere ed imparare. (193 pages). Cultura e science, Società Stampa Sportiva, Milan, Portugese translation: (1996) Construtivismo radical, una forma de cohecer e aprender. Instituto Jean Piaget, Lisbon, Korean translation: (1999) Won Mi Publisher, Korea



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