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Glasersfeld E. von (1997) The incommensurability of scientific and poetic knowledge. Methodologia 17: 1–7. Fulltext at
The paper proposes a way of distinguishing rational, scientific language from the discourse of poets, mystics, and metaphysicians, based on the description of two kinds of metaphor suggested by Vico. It concludes with the suggestion that scientific fundamentalism is as misguided as the religious versions and that a proper balance of the scientific and the mystical is crucial for the future of our world.
Key words: philosophy, science
Reprinted in World Futures, 1998 53: 19–25, Italian translation: L’incommensurabilita’ della conoscenza scientifica e poetica. Translated by I. P. Bolognesi,, Reprinted as chapter 12 in Glasersfeld E. von (2008) Key works in radical constructivism. Edited by M. Larochelle




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