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Gash H. (2013) Models of ethics. In: G. E. Lasker & K. Hiwaki. (eds.) Personal and Spiritual Development in a World of Cultural Diversity. Vol X. IIAS, Tecumseh Ontario: 7โ€“11. Fulltext at
The economic crisis has brought ethical issues into the foreground of public debate inviting a consideration of ethical wealth distribution. Issues in meta-ethics play a significant role in these discussions because they have such potential to vary from person to person, while remaining hidden. They include whether ethical ideas may be objectively correct or vary depending on context, whether ethical ideas are principally matters of reason or of emotion, whether men and women consider ethical questions from different viewpoints and finally here โ€“ ideas about the origins of altruism. These varied perspectives each contain widely varying ethical approaches. This paper began in the context of a course about ethics and inclusive education, however understanding the interplay of these ideas has broader significance because most people naturally wish to do good. Indeed, all disagreements about what people hold fundamentally important have the potential to lead to conflict and violence. Therefore, I believe a fuller appreciation of meta-ethical ideas and their variation has general implications for peaceful co-existence. Relevance: Constructivist theory has ethical implications that may be useful to understand conflict.



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