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Bitbol M. (2003) A cure for metaphysical illusions: Kant, quantum mechanics, and the madhyamaka. In: Wallace B. A. (ed.) Buddhism and science. Columbia University Press: 325-361. Fulltext at
My purpose in this paper is to show that the transcendental approach, first formulated by Kant, and then elaborated by generations of neo-Kantian thinkers and phenomenologists, provides Buddhism in its highest intellectual achievement with a natural philosophy of science. I take this highest achievement to be the Madhyamaka dialectic and soteriology,{1} which was developed in India from the second century C.E. to the seventh century C.E. by masters such as Nāgārjuna, Āryadeva, and Candrakīrti. Relevance: This is an anti-realist interpretation of quantum mechanics related to the work of Francisco Varela.


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