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García R. (1999) A systemic interpretation of Piaget’s theory of knowledge. In: Scholnick E. K., Nelson C., Gerlman S. & Miller P. (eds.) Conceptual development: Piaget’s legacy. LEA, Mahwah NJ: 165–184. Fulltext at
Excerpt: I am working toward an integrative proposal that includes the plurality of elements found in the Piagetian conception of epistemology: the psychogenetic, biological, and social components; the logical and empirical components; the historical, cultural, and scientific components. In my view, the only conceptual methodological analysis capable of carrying out this integration must be based on a theory of development of knowledge as a complex system. To this end, I consider it necessary to show how we conceive of the analysis of complex systems today. I am going to argue, against the majority of his critics, that Piaget was a brilliant precursor of ideas that have arisen in contemporary science in recent decades.


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