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Glasersfeld E. von & Smock C. D. (1974) Introduction. In: Smock C. D. & Glasersfeld E. (eds.) Epistemology and education. Follow Through Publications, Athens GA: xi–xxiv. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The purpose of this collection of essays is to suggest an alternative way of looking at knowledge, knowledge acquisition and the process of cognition. The approach is neither easy nor comfortable. It involves the demolition of several concepts which are part of our civilization’s “common sense. ” Many will argue we cannot do without these concepts. But, constructivism does offer a theoretical explanation for the strange and disheartening fact that knowledge, no matter how clear and obvious it may be to the knower, cannot be simply communicated. It does this on the strength of a radical reassessment of the concept of knowledge, a reassessment which, though it is by no means a philosophical novelty, is contrary to the mainstream of philosophical tradition.


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