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Gash H. (1993) Constructivism: Ethics and gender implications for education. Irish Educational Studies 12(1): 227–240. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The purpose of this paper is to make explicit some ethical consequences of a theory of cognitive development, and in the process ‘to specify some practical educational implications. Cognitive developmental theory could be described as a model of the changes which occur in construing different constructs. I draw attention to the use of the word “construe” since there is a history of complaint made against Piagetian and neo-Piagetian writing in failing to deal with emotion adequately and with being overly cognitive. Construing is intended to indicate my dissatisfaction with the Cartesian separation of emotion and cognition in construing about these issues. I will, however, continue to use words such as “concepts” which may carry overly cognitive connotations which are not intended.


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