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Dahlbohm B. (1992) The idea that reality is socially constructed. In: Floyd C. Z. H., Budde R. & Keil-Slawik R. (eds.) Software development and reality construction. Springer-Verlag, Berlin: 101–126. Fulltext at
Excerpt: I will take you on a tour through the idea of reality construction by travelling back and forth between the two intellectual strands in the process of modernization: the Enlightenment and Romanticism. The major part of our tour will be spent in the land of Romanticism, accepting without argument the kind of irrealism propounded by constructivists like Nelson Goodman, Richard Rorty and Jacques Derrida. But throughout I will try to give the Enlightenment its due by pointing out the important roles of technology in the processes of reality construction: in material constructions, as a basis for thought experiments, as provider of intellectual tools, and as a source for constructivist ideas in general.


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