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Gerstenmaier J. & Mandl H. (2001) Constructivism in cognitive psychology. In: Smelser N. J. & Baltes P. B. (eds.) International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. Pergamon Press, Oxford: 2654–2659. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Constructivistic approaches – except the radical constructivism – are prevalent in psychology, especially if approaches are included which apply core characteristics of constructivistic theories and employ constructivistic concepts and principles, for example concept-metaphors, congnitive schemes, or self-organization. Some of these approaches do not regard themselves explicitly as constructivistic. But these concepts are especially significant for the analysis of knowledge acquisition and knowledge construction as well as for text comprehension, cognitive development, and social attitude. Constructivism has been influential specifically for the clarification of the construction and instruction relationship concerning knowledge acquisition. The moderate constructivism offers an opportunity to get to an important methodological orientation of psychological research in this field.


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