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Active Vision: A Broader Comparative Perspective Is Needed

Lars Chittka & Peter Skorupski

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Open peer commentary on the article “Missing Colors: The Enactivist Approach to Perception” by Adrián G. Palacios, María-José Escobar & Esteban Céspedes. Upshot: We sympathize with the view that visual information is often acquired by active sampling of the environment, for example, through scanning movements. Not all vision is (en-)active, however - humans can capture important details of a visual scene at a glance, for example. The strategies of active sampling in various animals depend substantially on the structure of their visual systems and the representational capacities of their brains.


Chittka L. & Skorupski P. (2017) Active vision: A broader comparative perspective is needed. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 128–129. http://constructivist.info/13/1/128

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