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Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Limerick

Stuart A. Umpleby

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First paragraph: In the 1980s I went through a phase of writing limericks during idle moments when I lacked something to read. The result was a set of 27 limericks about cybernetics (Umpleby 1992). I occasionally use the limericks in class to restate a theoretical point. Limericks bring a smile and demonstrate that cybernetics can be approached in a variety of ways. Below are three limericks from this collection. The last was written by Ernst von Glasersfeld. It seems Ernst believed that I was overly concerned with “reality” as opposed to perception, or at least that I had not captured the point that he was trying to make.

Key words: Ernst von Glasersfeld


Umpleby S. A. (2007) Ernst von glasersfeld’s limerick. Constructivist Foundations 2(2-3): 146. http://constructivist.info/2/2-3/146

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