Volume 3 · Number 1 · Pages 1–6 & 16–18

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Arguments Opposing the Radicalism of Radical Constructivism

Gernot Saalmann

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Purpose: Examination of the main arguments for radical constructivism and the critical arguments put forward against it. Findings: Although there is no reason to doubt the value of constructivism as such, it can be stated that any epistemological radicalism lacks plausibility. There is ample evidence that we still can adopt a critical realist outlook, even if every part of our world view is a construction. Implications: We should engage ourselves in the development of an anti-metaphysical, non-objectivist epistemology. By far the most promising contribution should be a version of pragmatism.

Key words: cognitive constructivism, critical realism, epistemology, pragmatism, reality, viability, radical constructivism


Saalmann G. (2007) Arguments Opposing the Radicalism of Radical Constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 3(1): 1–6 & 16–18. Available at http://constructivist.info/3/1/001.saalmann

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