Author: Elisabeth Zimmermann


University of Vienna, Austria

Short Bio

Elisabeth Zimmermann studied human biology and cognitive science at the University of Vienna and graduated (Mag. rer. nat.) in November 2008. She did her interdisciplinary diploma thesis in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and behavioural biology (title: Cerebral processing of faces: an EEG-study on perceived facial attractiveness). Since 2006 she has been the study programme coordinator for the MEi:CogSci programme, administrating the programme on a local and international level, and also teaches interdisciplinary cognitive science courses within this curriculum. Her research interests are focused on play/ing as a cognitive phenomenon involved in a variety of developmental and learning processes, based on an embodied and situated approach to cognition.

Publications in Constructivist Foundations

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Elisabeth Zimmermann, Markus F. Peschl & Brigitte Römmer-Nossek (2010)

Constructivist Curriculum Design for the Interdisciplinary Study Programme MEi:CogSci – A Case Study

Constructivist Foundations 5(3): 144–157


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