Author: Ernst von Glasersfeld (deceased)


Board Member of Constructivist Foundations

SRRI, Hasbrouk Lab, University of Massachusetts, USA


Short Bio

Ernst von Glasersfeld was born in Munich, 1917, of Austrian parents, and grew up in Northern Italy and Switzerland. Briefly studied mathematics in Zürich and Vienna. Returned to Italy in 1946, worked as a journalist, and collaborated until 1961 in Ceccato’s Scuola Operativa Italiana (language analysis and machine translation). From 1962 director of US-sponsored research project in computational linguistics. From 1970, he taught cognitive psychology at the University of Georgia, USA. Professor Emeritus in 1987. He held several honorary doctorates. Ernst von Glasersfeld passed away on 12 November 2010.

Publications in Constructivist Foundations

Reader Impact Factor: 128.31

Approaches covered: Radical Constructivism

Disciplines covered: Biography · Cognitive Science · Consciousness Science · Epistemology · Ethics · History · Mathematics · Neuroscience · Philosophy · Psychology · Sociology


Ernst von Glasersfeld & Edith K. Ackermann (2011)

Reflections on the Concept of Experience and the Role of Consciousness. Unfinished Fragments

Radical Constructivism > Consciousness Science · Epistemology

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2010)

Why People Dislike Radical Constructivism

Radical Constructivism > Philosophy

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2009)

Sketches from Partial Memories

Radical Constructivism > Biography

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2009)

Relativism, Fascism, and the Question of Ethics in Constructivism

Radical Constructivism > Ethics

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2008)

Treacherous Terms

Radical Constructivism > Epistemology · Neuroscience

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2008)

Can Dichotomies Be Tamed?

Radical Constructivism > Epistemology · Linguistics & Languages

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2008)

Who Conceives of Society?

Radical Constructivism > Sociology

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2007)

A Constructivist Speculation about Parmenides

Radical Constructivism > Mathematics

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2007)

Some Rash Conclusions

Radical Constructivism > Epistemology · Philosophy

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2006)

You Have to Be Two to Start: Rational Thoughts About Love

Radical Constructivism > Ethics · Philosophy · Psychology

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2006)

Review of: Holger Lindemann (2005) Konstruktivismus und Pädagogik. Grundlagen, Modelle, Wege zur Praxis

Radical Constructivism > Educational Research

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2006)

A Constructivist Approach to Experiential Foundations of Mathematical Concepts Revisited

Radical Constructivism > Cognitive Science · Mathematics · Psychology

Ernst von Glasersfeld (2005)

Thirty Years Constructivism

Radical Constructivism > History

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