Author: Gerald Futschek


Vienna University of Technology, Austria


Short Bio

Gerald Futschek is professor at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology and chair of the special interest group on teacher education of the Austrian Computer Society. He is responsible for informatics teacher education at his university. His areas of interest include software engineering, program verification and informatics didactics. He was chair of the Constructionism 2014 conference in Vienna.

Publications in Constructivist Foundations

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Educational Research


Gerald Futschek (2015)

Deconstruction in Software Construction

Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 364–365

Chronis Kynigos & Gerald Futschek (2015)

Re-Situating Constructionism

Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 281–284

Constructionism > Educational Research

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