Author: Johan Verbeke (deceased)

KUL, Belgium/Aarhus School of Architecture
Short Bio
Johan Verbeke was Senior Professor of Research Design at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Sint-Lucas and Professor of Research by Design at the Aarhus School of Architecture. Between 2003 and 2009, he was the head of the School of Architecture, Sint-Lucas. Since then he has been Vice-Dean of Research and Post-Graduate Studies. He created and has been in charge of the Research Training Sessions (RTS) programme of the School of Architecture, Sint-Lucas to develop and stimulate “research by design” since 2004. In Aarhus, he was director of the PhD School. He was actively stimulating and supervising research connected to art, architectural and design practice. Verbeke was coordinating the EC-funded ADAPT-r (Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training-research) ITN project, which develops creative practice research. He was vice-president of eCAADe (Education and research on Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe), a council member of the EAAE (European Association of Architectural Education) and member of the Representative Board of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) and active as an academic reviewer for many international conferences. Johan Verbeke was (associate-)editor of IJAC (the International Journal of Architectural Computing) as well as JAR (the Journal for Artistic Research). He passed away on 6 August 2017.
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Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Verbeke J. (2015) Author’s response: Four layers for designing conferences as learning environments: Space, time, communities of practice and trust. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 115–118. http://constructivist.info/11/1/115
Verbeke J. (2015) Designing academic conferences as a learning environment: How to stimulate active learning at academic conferences? Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 98–105. http://constructivist.info/11/1/098

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