Author: Karl H. Müller


Board Member of Constructivist Foundations

Wisdom, Vienna, Austria


Short Bio

Karl H. Müller is head of WISDOM, Austria’s infra-structural centre for the social sciences and president of the Heinz von Foerster Society. His main research interests range from issues in complex modeling within the social sciences and from interdisciplinary analyses of innovation processes in science, technology and the economy to the history and the current potential of inter- and transdisciplinary research, to the frontiers of second order cybernetics and radical constructivism or to the newly emerging risk-potentials for contemporary societies in general. His recent publications include An Unfinished Revolution? Von Foerster and the Biological Computer Laboratory 1958–1976 (2007, together with A. Müller), Gordon Pask: Philosopher Mechanic (2007, together with R. Glanville), The New Science of Cybernetics. Towards the Evolution of Living Research Designs, vol. I: Methodology (2009) and Modern RISC-Sociteies. Towards a New Paradigm of Societal Evolution (together with L. Kajfež-Bogataj, I. Svetlik, N. Toš).

Publications in Constructivist Foundations

Reader Impact Factor: 9.76

Approaches covered: Radical Constructivism · Second-Order Cybernetics

Disciplines covered: Epistemology · History · Philosophy · Social Science · Sociology


Karl H. Müller (2012)

A Circular Comment on Luhmann as a Question Generator

Constructivist Foundations 8(1): 28–30

Karl H. Müller (2011)

The Missing Links in S.J. Schmidt’s Rewriting Operations. An Austrian Contribution

Constructivist Foundations 7(1): 35–37

Radical Constructivism > Philosophy

Karl H. Müller (2011)

The Two Epistemologies of Ernst von Glasersfeld

Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 220–226

Radical Constructivism > Epistemology

Karl H. Müller (2010)

The Radical Constructivist Movement and Its Network Formations

Constructivist Foundations 6(1): 31–39

Radical Constructivism > History · Sociology

Karl H. Müller (2008)

Methodologizing Radical Constructivism. Recipes for RC-Designs in the Social Sciences

Constructivist Foundations 4(1): 50–61

Radical Constructivism > Philosophy · Social Science

Karl H. Müller (2008)

Non-dualistic? Radical Constructivist?

Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 181–191

Second-Order Cybernetics > History · Philosophy

Karl H. Müller (2008)

The Missing Links of Radical Constructivism

Constructivist Foundations 3(2): 78–79

Radical Constructivism > Philosophy

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