Author: Laurence D. Richards


Indiana University East, Richmond, Indiana, USA


Short Bio

Larry Richards is currently Professor of Management and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Indiana University East, Richmond, Indiana. He previously held positions as Founding Chair of the Department of Engineering Management at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, and Founding Dean of the School of Management and Aviation Science at Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts. He is a past president of the American Society for Cybernetics and the American Society for Engineering Management, where he became a Fellow in 2002. His current research interests include the integration of cognitive and computational perspectives on decision making, the organization and presentation of information in policy support systems, the implications of dialectical/ dialogic approaches to social design and transformation, and the role of “time” in everyday thought and action.

Publications in Constructivist Foundations

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Second-Order Cybernetics
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Epistemology · Knowledge Management · Philosophy


Laurence D. Richards (2017)

Three Questions on the Relation between Theatre Studies and Cybernetics

Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 333–334

Laurence D. Richards (2016)

Personalized Education: What’s the Holdup?

Constructivist Foundations 12(1): 110–112

Laurence D. Richards (2016)

The Many Varieties of Experimentation in Second-Order Cybernetics: Art, Science, Craft

Constructivist Foundations 11(3): 621–622

Laurence D. Richards (2015)

Author’s Response: Design for Participation: Culture, Structure, Facilitation

Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 93–97

Laurence D. Richards (2015)

Designing Academic Conferences in the Light of Second-Order Cybernetics

Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 65–73

Second-Order Cybernetics > Knowledge Management

Laurence D. Richards (2015)

Conversation vs. Communication: A Suggestion for “the Banathy Conversation Methodology”

Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 58–60

Laurence D. Richards (2007)

Connecting Radical Constructivism to Social Transformation and Design

Constructivist Foundations 2(2-3): 129–135

Second-Order Cybernetics > Epistemology · Philosophy

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