Author: Marco C. Bettoni

Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences
Short Bio
Marco C. Bettoni is Director of Research & Consulting at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences. After receiving his masters degree in mechanical engineering in 1977 from the ETH Zurich he worked for industrial, banking and academic organizations in the domains of machine design, engineering education, IT management, IT development and knowledge engineering (Artificial Intelligence). In 1991 he became professor of knowledge technologies at the Basel University of Applied Sciences (FHBB). In June 2003 ETH Zurich appointed him as “guest researcher” to investigate the role of knowledge-oriented cooperation in knowledge management. Since 1981 he has been collaborating with Ceccato’s “Scuola Operativa Italiana.”
Constructivist approaches covered: This is the list of constructivist approaches covered in Marco C. Bettoni’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all approaches see http://approaches.cepa.info Radical Constructivism
Scientific disciplines covered: This is the list of all disciplines referred to by Marco C. Bettoni’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all disciplines see http://disciplines.cepa.info Cognitive Science · History · Knowledge Management · Philosophy · Psychology
Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Bettoni M. C. (2011) Constructing a beginning in 1985. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 184–189. http://constructivist.info/6/2/184
Bettoni M. C. & Eggs C. (2010) User-centred knowledge management: A constructivist and socialized view. Constructivist Foundations 5(3): 130–143. http://constructivist.info/5/3/130
Bettoni M. C. (2008) Why and how to avoid representation. Constructivist Foundations 4(1): 15–16. http://constructivist.info/4/1/015
Bettoni M. C. (2008) The illusion of society. Constructivist Foundations 3(2): 68–69. http://constructivist.info/3/2/068
Bettoni M. C. (2007) Knowledge as experiential reality. Constructivist Foundations 3(1): 10–11. http://constructivist.info/3/1/010
Bettoni M. C. (2007) The yerkish language: From operational methodology to chimpanzee communication. Constructivist Foundations 2(2-3): 32–38. http://constructivist.info/2/2-3/032

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