Author: Matthias Kross (deceased)

Einstein Forum and University of Potsdam, Germany
Short Bio
Matthias Kroß was a researcher at the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany. He studied history, political science, and philosophy in Marburg and Berlin. In 1993, he received his doctorate at the Free University of Berlin with a dissertation on Klarheit als Selbstzweck. Ludwig Wittgenstein über Philosophie, Religion, Ethik und Gewißheit. His research interests focussed on the philosophy of logic and language, and on the cultural and intellectual history of the 20th century. He wrote extensively and edited works on the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Publications include: (editor): Ein Netz von Normen: Ludwig Wittgenstein und die Mathematik (2007); (with G. Abel und M. Nedo): Ludwig Wittgenstein. Ingenieur – Philosoph – Künstler (2007); (with U. Arnswald and J. Kertscher): Wittgenstein und die Metapher (2003); (with H. J. Schneider): Mit Sprache spielen: Die Ordnungen und das Offene nach Wittgenstein (1999). He was also the co-editor of Wittgensteiniana, a study series of Wittgensteinian philosophy. Matthias Kroß passed away on 2 July 2018.
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Kross M. (2008) Mitterer’s travels. Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 226–230. http://constructivist.info/3/3/226

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