Authors in Constructivist Foundations

Number of authors whose name starts with C: 16

Hugo Cadenas

University of Chile

Werner Callebaut

KLI Institute, Austria

Peter Cariani

Harvard Medical School, USA

Cristiano Castelfranchi

Institute of Cognitive Sciences & Technologies, Rome, Italy

Carlos W. Castillo-Garsow

Eastern Washington University, USA

Anthony P. Chemero

Franklin & Marshall College

Gabriele Chiari

CESIPc, Florence, Italy

Anna Ciaunica

University of Porto, Portugal

Victor V. Cifarelli

University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA

Bruce Clarke

Texas Tech University, USA

Paul A. Cobb

Vanderbilt University, USA

Giovanna Colombetti

University of Exeter, UK

Jere Confrey

North Carolina State University, USA

Giancarlo Corsi

Stephen J. Cowley

Syddansk Universitet, Denmark

Marzenna Cyzman

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

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