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Special Issue of Constructivist Foundations

Constructivism In and About Mathematics

Guest Editors: Jean Paul van Bendegem & Bart van Kerkhove

Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Initiated at the end of the 18th century by Immanuel Kant, the father of modern philosophy of mathematics, constructivism has had a long and prosperous development, the common basis of its different types being that mathematical entities are creations of the human mind.

As the title indicates, the guest editors invite for this issue two types of contributions.

On the one hand – and probably best known in the community of philosophers of mathematics – we are thinking about the several varieties of constructivism in mathematics, that is versions of constructivism that aspire the status of a foundational theory rival to logicism or formalism. Thus we are thinking about the developments that were initiated by such mathematicians-philosophers such as Brouwer, Markov or Bishop.

On the other hand – and most likely less known to the same community – we also welcome contributions that deal with constructivist theories about mathematics as a research discipline. In general, we think of applications to mathematics of approaches adding to the traditional focus on the individual as diverse as cultural anthropology, social constructivism, systems theory, conventionalism, as well as views from cognitive science such as the embodied and the enactive approach.

A subtheme that is of great importance for the guest-editors is that “in” and “about” need not be and preferably should not be thought in oppositional terms, although unfortunately it is the standard today. Take an example such as deductive proof. Currently deductive proof is near to being universally accepted as a standard of valid mathematical knowledge, but as some philosophers and mathematicians have noticed deductive proof was at the same time the outcome of a contingent process, started and perfected by the Greeks, now considered to be the first major actual transformation in (the image of) mathematical knowledge.

If contributors somehow succeed to turn the non-productive opposition into a fruitful collaboration or cross-fertilization, such as in the example above, we would be particularly pleased.

Time table

Declaration of interest: 31 July 2011
Deadline for full-text submissions: 31 October 2011
Deadline Revised versions: 31 January 2011
Publication date: 15 March 2012

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