I have been a senior research fellow at the universities of Brussels, Leuven, Zurich, and Vienna dedicated to interdisciplinary research situated in cognitive science, epistemology, and artificial life. Since 2005, I am acting as the editor-in-chief of Constructivist Foundations (CF), an independent academic peer-reviewed e-journal. Its aim is to promote interdisciplinary scientific foundations and applications of constructivist approaches to science and philosophy. I am the author of more than 90 scholarly publications, including six edited books on complexity, representationalism, virtual reality, radical constructivism, and non-dualizing philosophy. In 1995, I was the co-founder of the Austrian Society of Cognitive Science (ASoCS). Furthermore, since 1997, I maintain the Radical Constructivism Portal, a collection of papers, books, information of proponents, organizations, and other links related to the constructivist epistemology.