Inclusive worldviews: Interdisciplinary research from a radical constructivist perspective (2005)
Alexander Riegler
In: Aerts, D., D’Hooghe, B. & Note, N. (eds.) Worldviews, science and us: Redemarcating knowledge and its social and ethical implications. World Scientific: Singapore, pp. 20-37
Interdisciplinary inquiry presupposes an open worldview to enable the researcher to transcend the confinements of a specific discipline in order to become aware of aspects that are necessary to satisfyingly solve a problem. Radical constructivism offers a way of engineering such interdisciplinarity that goes beyond mere multi or pluridisciplinary approaches. In this paper I describe epistemological and methodological aspects of interdisciplinarity, discuss typical problems it faces, and carve out its relationship with knowledge and communication from a constructivist perspective. Five implications for interdisciplinary practice and science education conclude the paper.
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