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Thomas Lebzelter
University of Vienna
Department of Astronomy
Türkenschanzstrasse 17
1180 Vienna / Austria
thomas.lebzelter AT


CRIRES-POP Publications

Reference Papers

Lebzelter, T., Seifahrt, A., Uttenthaler, S., Ramsay, S., Hartman, H., Nieva, M.-F., Przybilla, N., Smette, A., Wahlgren, G.M., Wolff, B., Hussain, G.A.J., Käufl, H.U., Seemann, U., 2012, "CRIRES-POP: A library of high resolution spectra in the near-infrared", A&A 539, A109 (paper on )

Lebzelter, T., Seifahrt, A., Ramsay, S, Almeida, P., Bagnulo, S., Dall, T., Hartman, H., Hussain, G., Käufl, H.U., Nieva, M.-F., Przybilla, N., Seeman, U., Smette, A., Uttenthaler, S., Wahlgren, G., Wolff, B., 2010, "CRIRES-POP - A Library of High Resolution Spectra in the Near-infrared", The Messenger 139

CRIRES-POP has been presented at these conferences
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The multi-wavelength view of hot, massive stars, Liege, July 12-16 2010 (Ramsay)

Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars II. Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants. Vienna, August 16-20 2010 (Lebzelter, Wahlgren)

Papers using CRIRES-POP data - CRIRES-POP team



Papers using CRIRES-POP data - other

We would be happy to add here the reference of your paper, if it uses CRIRES-POP data. Please just send a short email with the reference to thomas.lebzelter AT Many thanks!



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