Chemically peculiar stars

History and current knowledge of CP stars
The tool of a-photometry
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Galactic open cluster survey
Extragalactic CP stars
Evolutionary status of CP stars
Theoretical aspects
Peculiar stars in globular clusters

Open clusters in general

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Research Archive

The Runaway Star HIP 60350
Master- and PhD-thesis

  • PhD: "Frequency of CP2 (CP4) stars in open clusters compared to the galactic field"
    by Monika Rode-Paunzen
  • PhD: "Relation of chemically peculiar stars to their origin region"
    by Martin Netopil
  • Master: "Peculiar stars at the blue horizontal branch of the globular cluster M13"
    by Hubert Baum - completed
  • Master: "Automatic classification of SDSS-spectra via neural networks"
    by Fabian Schierscher - completed
  • Master: "Chemically peculiar stars in open clusters"
    by Maria Luisa Alvear Gomez
  • Master: "CCD Delta-a photometry of open clusters"
    by Gerhard Gojakovich
  • Master: "The radial velocity trend of high luminous stars in the Circinus window"
    by Marius Halosar
  • Master: "Spectrophotometric investigation of stars at 5200 Angström"
    by Christian Stigler